* About 2VD


2VD started its activity in 1996 with the packaging and distribution of nuts. Quickly, the company diversified its product range with the production of croutons based mixes, dried fruits and condiments to accompany salads or soups to enhance flavor.

In 2001, the company decided to create a new range of mixes for salads. This still represents the flagship line in 2VD's range.

In 2002, the firm creates the festive dishes of dried fruits. This project has been a direct success.

In 2009, 2VD invests and moves to a new building.

Increasingly, brands of the company 2VD, "CroustiSalad’", "CroustiSoup’" et "CrunchyFruits’", are present and well known in the Belgian food market. Major retailers, such as Carrefour, Cora, Delhaize, Match or Sligro are part of our customers.

More and more, the 2VD brands ''Crousti Salade'' and ''Crunchy Fruits'' are present and well known in the Belgian food market. Foods chains like Carrefour, Cora, Delhaize or Sligro are regular customers.

Abroad, our products are also present in many European markets. Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Finland, Spain and Denmark are some examples. The export market is increasingly important for the company. Proof of that, is our presence in many international fairs, such as Anuga (Cologne), SIAL (Paris) or Tavola (Kortrijk).

2VD - Rue de l'Île Dossai 17 - B-5300 Sclayn (Andenne) Tel: +32 (0)85 826 001 Fax: +32 (0)85 318 974